Technology & Processes

One of our greatest competitive advantages is our broad spectrum of technologies, because we always see our applied technologies and processes holistically and continue to optimize them. With the available capacity resulting from that, we can optimally support you as a reliable EMS partner for your growth and the success of your products. Profit yourself from the most modern, state-of-the-art technologies for the development of electronic and mechanical components and systems.

Mechanics – Machining/Sheet Metal

We supply appropriate mechanics solutions for your individual customer requirements. Our service offer stretches from precision and sheet metal processing to turning and milling technology.

We have our own in-house special machine design and construction department in our machine shop for mechanical assembly in order to quickly and flexibly process both large as well as smaller, complex components for you - from subassemblies all the way to turn-key systems, just as the customer desires. In doing so we are able to rely on the technical, know-how of our mechanical engineers.

Cable Assembly – Wire Harness

We offer individual cable assembly worldwide, like customer-specific wiring harnesses, single parts, system wiring as well as modules and electromechanics.

Our services encompass the consultation and development of cable designs and system solutions for your cable assemblies across the entire product life cycle. We continuously pay attention to test quality standards ISO/IEC, EN VDE and ULCSA, as well as RoHS, in the selection of components.

Electronics – Conformal Coating

Our portfolio covers all technology combinations as well as product-specific, special processes - among others are electronic contract manufacturing of assemblies in both SMT technologies (surface mount) and through-hole technologies (THT), design analysis, assembly protection and cleaning as well as special processes like laser welding, resistance welding and much more.

A central component part of our electronics production is Conformal Coating. Here we can coat rigid, rigid-flexible and flexible electronic assemblies in various ways.


Thanks to our broad array of sectors, our customers profit from our technical mechatronics knowledge in the most widely varied application areas.

We offer you complete service surrounding your product - cost-efficiently and reliably. As a Mechatronics Service Provider for Electronics Manufacturing Services, we possess long standing experience in the development of complex mechanical systems to be able to realize your requirements both with competence and quickly.

Inductive Components

We offer a high degree of expertise and technical know-how for the development and manufacture of inductive components.

Our spectrum of services for high-value coils and windings encompasses both one-off production and the automated fabrication of small series and large-scale serial production along the entire product life cycle - from small SMT coils and toroidal core coils up to power transformers and planar coils.

Logistics – Order Fulfillment

We place great value in monitoring the entire supply chain and continuously optimizing it. Along with low costs, quality, on-time delivery, delivery flexibility and the degree of fulfillment of individual customer wishes are critical factors for every customer.

Here we offer you diverse services in the areas of logistics and order fulfillment: Kanban programs, labeling, user-defined packaging, gapless traceability, electronic data exchange and shipping to the end customer, a repair depot and RMA management.