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EIT's LEDCure™ radiometers provide a patented Total Measured Optic Response. Everything in the instrument "optics stack" is included in the overall instrument response, not just the optical filter. The Total Measured Optic Response provides consistent, repeatable and accurate readings run to run, unit to unit and source to source.

LEDCure™ Features:

  • Easy to use format, provides Irradiance (W/cm2) and Energy Density (J/cm2) values on the display as well as the irradiance profile
  • The "Standard" version shows all data on the display
    • Display can be set to Graph or Reference Mode  
  • The "Profiler" version shows data on the display plus downloads the irradaince profile (Watts/cm2 as a function of time) to a computer for further analysis
    • Profiler allows easy comparison of different LEDs, power levels, height above substrate and exposure time/line speed changes
  • High dynamic range (40 W/cm2), user changable battery
  • Available in different LED specific response bands (L-band)
    • L365 Spectral Response covers 340-392 nm
    • L385 Spectral Response covers 360-412 nm
    • L395 Spectral Response covers 370-422 nm
    • L405 Spectral Response covers 380-432 nm 

Brochure, Manuals and EIT PowerView Software

LEDCure™ Brochure  LEDCure™ Manual   LEDCure™ Feedback

The LEDCure Profiler works with EIT's UV PowerView III or PowerView II software.