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Customer Service

EIT products are sold and supported by EIT and our worldwide network of Representatives and Distributors. EIT radiometers are subjected to challenging conditions (intense UV/Light/IR, temperature, coatings, mishandling), all of which can affect their reliability and performance.

EIT does not know how units will be used and cared for. Because of this, we recommend a service interval of 6 months. EIT instruments are best serviced by EIT or an EIT Authorized Service Center. Units returned to EIT for service should be sent with the Service Request Form. 

Print out the Service Request Form (Excel format), fill it in, print it, and return the form with your package. Be sure to include company information, contact phone number and email information.

All packages must be sent freight pre-paid, door-to-door. If the unit is sent from outside the U.S., please be sure to identify the package as “U.S. made goods, returned for service”. Also see Changes to Duty Free Return of EIT Instruments Sent to EIT (USA) for Service. You will be responsible for damage incurred from inadequate packaging. You are also responsible for insuring the unit during transportation to EIT.

Ship the unit freight prepaid, door-to-door service to:

EIT Instrument Markets
309 Kelly's Ford Plaza SE, Leesburg, VA 20175

Printable Address Label

Support Locations/Facilities:

E-mail UV Support

E-mail UV Calibration & Service

EIT Worldwide Calibration Facilities

309 Kelly's Ford Plaza SE
Leesburg, VA 20175

Why Re-Calibrate Your Instrument

EIT radiometers are designed, manufactured, assembled, serviced, sold and supported by EIT's worldwide network of Representatives and Distributors. EIT radiometers are exposed to challenging conditions (intense UV/Light/IR, temperatue, coatings, mishandling), all of which can affect their reliability and the performance of your instrument. 

EIT Instruments are best serviced by EIT technicians and EIT Authorized Service Centers who follow the calibration procedure for each instrument. EIT technicians and or Authoized Service Centers have access EIT master units, calibration software and genuine factory optical components to keep your unit in excellent working condition for optimal performance.

Calibration is recommended every 6 months for all UV measurement radiometers except MicroCure. 

All calibrated UV instruments have NIST traceability.

Warranty Information for Instrument Market Products


Non-Warranty Returns-EIT Instument Markets

Repair service is provided by the Instrument Markets group of EIT. Repair service on calibrated units includes calibration after the repairs are completed. EIT will notify you of repair charges prior to performing any work on the equipment.

Follow the Instructions above for Returning a Unit to EIT.

Warranty Returns-EIT Instument Markets

EIT reserves the right to evaluate units upon their return to determine warranty status. When returning the equipment under warranty, include the cable, software, and charger sent with the equipment so that EIT can verify correct operation of these accessories.

Follow the Instructions above for Returning a Unit to EIT.

EIT will notify you of repairs not covered by warranty and their cost prior to performing any work on the equipment. Equipment repaired under warranty will be returned to the user with no charge for the repair or shipping.

EIT, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in design at any time without incurring any obligation to install the same on units previously purchased.

Payment Options

Customers may pay for all services performed by either PO# (with approved terms), check drawn against a U.S. bank, or if you wish to pay with a credit card, EIT can send an invoice through PayPal which will allow you to securely pay on line with your credit card. For customers outside the US, EIT requires pre-payment prior to returning a unit. If you choose to pay by wire transfer, Customer Service will send you a final Proforma Invoice that includes all relevant charges for your particular unit(s) such as calibration, repair, shipping, and wire transfer fees. Wire transfer instructions are on the Proforma Invoice.

You can save time and have your instrument returned to you more quickly if you arrange for payment and return shipping ahead of time. If you have been granted open terms (Net Terms) by EIT, include your purchase order number, complete return shipping address and preferred method of shipping. If you wish to pay by credit card, EIT can invoice through PayPal which will allow you to securely pay on line with your credit card. Contact EIT for wire transfer information.

Calibration Certificates

All calibrated units that have been serviced by the EIT Metrology Lab are returned to customers with new calibration certificates.

Sample calibration certificates:

Calibration Charges

Please contact EIT at for pricing.

Technical Support

If you have technical questions about a specific unit, please contact EIT Instrument Markets technical support:

EIT Instument Markets
Phone: 703-478-0700