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EIT Supplier Requirements

EIT’s requirements for approved Suppliers, also known as Quality Assurance Provisions (QAPs), are now posted online on this page. All approved Suppliers should review these as well as the EIT Purchase Order for any additional Supplier specific QAPs not listed on our website.  

EIT Quality Assurance Provisions - the main document that lists EIT requirements

EMS-W0018 - Web Thickness of Scored PCB’s

EMS-W0041 - Guideline for Pre-Shipment UV Curing of Solder Mask on EIT PCBs

External Provider Environmental Compliance Requirements

All suppliers should review sheets 8 and 10 in the EIT Quality Assurance Provisions document, including a sample Purchase Order which points out the areas of concern for each P.O.  The only thing that you, as a supplier, are required to meet are the series listed near the bottom of the P.O. and any that might be directly printed on the Purchase Order.

For example: If you are a Printed Circuit Board supplier it would be stated on the P.O., where indicated,: “Vendor QAP Series: QAP 1XX” meaning that you would be responsible for all of the 100 series provisions.

There may be some requirements that do not apply based on the commodity you supply to EIT.  For example: QAP 108 is intended for anyone supplying a “moisture sensitive device” (MSD). If you supply a MSD you would need to comply to the Provision. If you do not supply a MSD then you need not comply to QAP 108.

Also, all suppliers are required to read and comply with the contents of the document entitled:

“Supplier Environmental Compliance Requirements”

Please note that Suppliers providing bare PCB’s to EIT must also comply with W0018 & W0041.

EIT, LLC appreciates our suppliers and will work with you to form a successful business relationship. 

If you have any questions please contact your EIT, LLC Buyer or EIT Quality Assurance (