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  • EIT Cabling / Wire Harness

Since 2005 EIT has provided cable assembly and custom wire harness services from our Danville location to customers world wide. Examples of cables that our experienced team builds include flat and round ribbon cables, discrete wire, multi-conductor cables and hybrid cables. Cable and harness products built by EIT are used in the medical, commercial and industrial markets.

Our cabling group, like the rest of EIT strives to develop long-term relationships with customers. Our work includes managing the builds of cables and wire harnesses across the product life cycle-from initial design reviews, rapid prototypes, commercial fabrication to dealing with obsolescence and end of life issues.

Our cable operations fall under EIT's ISO9001 and ISO13485 registrations. Team members are also trained to IPC-A-620 and if requested we will hold UL and CSA files for customers.

Our cable team is experienced with the integration of cables and wire harness assemblies with mechanical and printed circuit board assemblies into either sub-assemblies or finished products. EIT can provide dock to stock or order fulfillment programs.